Welcome, Academy Trust & Explorer’s Day

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to the start of a new school year. We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time over the summer. We warmly welcome all our new children and our new staff.Over the summer we have continued to make improvements. All classrooms and most corridors have been painted and the wood exterior has been recoated. We’ve also created a new learning room near the year 5/6 classes. This work helps our building to be a good and pleasant place for our children.
Already we have started giving our children engaging and effective learning opportunities. For example, children in years one and two had an ‘explorers’ day in which they undertook activities as palaeontologists and learnt a lot about dinosaurs. Thank you to the parents that were able to join us for the writing aspect of this day.
 I have already met with the CEO of our academy trust, our trust adviser and the Chair of our Local Governing Body. We spent time identifying the many successes of last year as well as discussing the next areas for us to develop. This year we will be particularly focusing on improving:

  1. Learning and teaching of writing, including ensuring children apply all that they know about spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation when writing independently.
  2. Learning and teaching of maths with a special focus on solving problems and being able to explain maths concepts and how different problems can be solved.
  3. Our systems in regard to children with Special Educational Needs.
  4. Our curriculum

One of the things that many of our children need to get better at is presentation and neatness. Therefore, all children are being told to be neat or to repeat. This approach is one used by other schools and will be applied to the development of children.

Next week we will be commencing the 5 times-a-week really good reading raffle, golden awards, attendance awards and so on. It is good to see the attendance of children so good this first week.


Mr M Carter-Tufnell