The Narnia Experience, Bikes & Scooters and Weather

Dear Parents and Carers,
A busy week…
Welcome back! It’s lovely to have the children back in school. This week has been even busier than normal with a three day school quality assurance review led by an external team. When we have received the report for this we will share the main messages with parents.
The Narnia Experience
This week, our worship leaders from years 5 and 6 went to a great event based around C.S. Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia books. The children had a chance to ‘meet’ C.S. Lewis in his study and to listen to him talk about his life and writing. They also visited the beaver’s house and Aslan’s tent. They heard short excerpts from the story and had the opportunity to ask questions about the characters and storyline. The children were presented with a set of Narnia books to bring back to school. It was a wonderful and exciting experience. We have been told that our children were ‘a pleasure to have and so well behaved’. Well done worship leaders!
Bikes and scooters
About a month ago, I wrote asking for parents to make sure that their child/ren do not ride any peddle bikes or scooters on school grounds. This is for obvious safety reasons. Sadly some parents have not done this. If parents do not help us keep children safe, in this way, then staff will have to intervene in front of these parents and the school will consider banning children such items from the school. We thank those parents that have helped with this matter.
Whatever the weather will be…
When there is severe weather we always aim to keep the school open. We will keep the school open if it is safe to do so. In regard to safety, we consider staff:child ratios, travel to and from school and onsite issues such as paths and playgrounds. If our risk assessment is that we can not keep the school open then we will inform parents as soon as possible. Technology allowing, we will inform parents via text, email and on our website. If no messages about the school being closed have been sent then please assume the school is open. When the school is open and we have enough snow then children will have the opportunity to play outside with their friends. Children always find these times fun and a great school memory. Obviously, on such days children should wear wellington boots (with school shoes for wearing in the building), hats and gloves.

Best regards,
Mr M Carter-Tufnell