Sports Relief & School Parking

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children have had a great time running each day to raise money for Sports Relief. It’s been lovely to see their enjoyment and fun as they do physical exercise and raise money for those less fortunate than themselves. It’s felt like a real school community project. Our thanks to Mr Carvalho and Mr Tattersall for organising this week long event.

Local residents have told us that a few parents/guardians have taken to parking on both the School markings during drop off and collection times and across driveways.  This is both unsafe for all and disruptive for residents who wish to access/leave their property.  It is also a poor example for children; we want them to follow our good examples of respecting others and following the rule of law. We encourage all parents and carers, who need to use cars to bring children to school, to park responsibly and with consideration for our neighbours.

Mr M Carter-Tufnell