Social Media, Macmillan Coffee afternoon, goodbyes & flower beds

Dear Parents and Carers,
Many thanks to Mrs Lomas who has worked so hard to help our flower beds, at the front of the school, looking lovely.

Social media plays a big part in the world we live in today. It’s typically used as a force for good, but occasionally it’s used for negative and more ominous purposes. As one parent shared with me this week, ‘Social media is a minefield and if used inappropriately can leave long lasting negative feelings and upset which quickly spiral out of control.’  We remind parents that what they post on-line about their own children, and other children, must be done with thought. We do not want any parents upset by what others post on-line and we do not want parents opening themselves up to, potentially, having legal action taken against them. This encouragement includes reminding parents that if they have questions and concerns about anything to do with school then talking to staff is the appropriate and best way to deal with this. Our website already has a safeguarding page which gives advice and support in regard to on-line safety and behaviour:

This website has some very useful information and resources for parents about e-safety.

Our Macmillan Coffee event today promises to be good—certainly if the cakes I’ve seen children baking are any indication! My thanks to the staff, especially Miss Salmon, for helping the children raise money for this very good cause.
At the end of this term we will sadly be saying farewell to Mrs Parkes and to Miss Fairbairn. Mrs Parkes leaves us because her husband has a new posting within the army and Miss Fairbairn is needed back at her home school, St Andrew’s. We are pleased to have already recruited Mrs Brabben for 1/2P and are in the process of securing the right provision for 3/4F and will inform parents of the outcome of this as soon as possible.


Mr M Carter-Tufnell