Snow, End of day and School Quality Assurance Review

Dear Parents and Carers,

During the snowy weather last week our children had a really fun time playing together in the snow.

During the days that the school was closed staff worked hard at home on various things including only training and assessment about child protection and how to prevent, reduce and respond to bullying.

End of the school day

We thank all those parents and carers that ensure that they are on time to collect their children at the end of the school day. If parents and carers are rarely late and they inform the office, as early as possible, that they will be late then we are happy to look after their children for a short time. However, it is not the job of school staff to provide unpaid childcare for children beyond home time—we have some families regularly collecting children 20 or more minutes late and have had children collected just before six o’clock’ This is not acceptable. This is unfair on the children. This is unfair on school staff. Please make every effort to collect your children on time.

School Quality Assurance Review.

Please read the attached letter which summarises the judgements made when we recently underwent an external review. There are many positives judgements made by the external review team including:

Teachers now have much higher expectations of behaviour and, in the vast majority of cases, pupils have excellent attitudes to their learning. Consequently, pupils settle down to work without fuss and stick to their tasks, so that lessons are conducted in a calm and purposeful manner. The atmosphere in classrooms is supportive and favourable for effective learning. For example, teachers encourage pupils to challenge each other’s ideas. This helps them to become independent and confident learners. 

We have a clear plan as we continue to take the school forward. This plan includes developing our leadership so that Mrs Levett will lead upper school, years 5 and 6, and Mrs Hendry will now lead middle school, years 3 and 4. Mrs Vincent and Mrs Tattersall will continue to lead lower school, years 1 and 2 and Miss Esparon will continue to lead Reception. These leadership roles involve ensuring that teaching is consistently good and dealing with significant behaviour and welfare issues.

Best regards,

Mr M Carter-Tufnell