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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr M Carter-Tufnell

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Levett

Senior Teacher: Mrs A Hendry

Inclusion Manager: Miss Z Mann

Class Teachers

FE Miss C Esparon
FA Mrs M Kirk and Miss C Rivas-Long
1H Mrs E Hill
1/2F Mr S Folkins
2CV Miss J Banks
3/4A Mrs M Alston
3/4M Miss J Minhas
3/4H Mrs A Hendry
5/6S Miss C Salmon
5/6R Mr N Roberts
5/6L Mrs L Levett

Tuition, Intervention and other Teachers

Ms C O’Connell

Learning Support Team

Learning Mentor Mrs S Smith
Sport Mr F Carvalho
Mr J Tatterstall
RE Mrs L Hennessy
Senior Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs S Evans
Higher Level Teaching Assistants Mrs L Hennessy
Speech and Language Mrs V Mackenzie

Teaching Assistants

Miss L Dowell, Miss C Hale, Mrs M Ranson, Mrs A Arter, Mrs D Silvester, Miss C Lloyd, Mrs E Bateman, Mrs B Kearnes, MIss M Collins and Ms D Conti


Office and Finance Manager: Ms D Stevens.

Office Team: Miss L Duncan and Mrs Z Lawrence.


Head of Kitchen: Mrs J Mott.

Assistant Cook: Mrs M Groves

Kitchen Assistants: Miss F Lennard and Mrs J Walker

Site Team

Caretaker: Mr K White

Site Assistants: Mrs C Percival

Mid Day Team

Senior Mid Day Supervisor: TBC

Mid Day Assistants: Mrs S Cardwell, Mrs L Forde, Mrs W Harris, Mrs A-M Melton, Mrs C Percival, Mrs G Whitmarsh, Mrs T Mills, Miss K Smith and Mrs J Smith.

First Aid and Paediatric Trained Staff

Miss L Duncan, Mrs A Arter, Mr F Carvalho, Mrs C Esparon, Miss M Collins, Mrs S Cardwell, Mrs L Forde, Mrs W Harris, Mrs C Percival, Mrs G Whitmarsh and Mrs T Mills.

First Aid Trained Staff

Mrs S Evans, Mrs L Hennessy, Mrs S Smith, Miss L Dowell, Miss C Hale, Miss C Lloyd, Mrs B Kearnes Mrs A-M Melton, Mrs M Ranson, Mrs D Silvester, Mr J Tattersall, Miss K Smith and Mrs Z Lawrence.