Date Team Home or away Opponent Result
18.10.2018 Boys football away Cann Hall 3-4 win
08.11.2018 Boys football away Ravens Academy 2-0 loss
19.11.2018 Girls football home Great Clacton postponed
26.11.2018 Girls football away Alton Park postponed
06.12.2018 Boys football away Whitehall Academy 3-2 loss
10.01.2019 Girls cup home Frinton Primary 4-0 loss
15.01.2019 Girls football away Alton Park postponed
18.01.2019 Boys football home Alton Park 1-0 win
22.01.2019 Boys football home Holland Haven
Boys football home Holland Park

These dates are of course subject to change based on cancellations, adverse weather conditions etc