Our School

Mission statement

At St Osyth Church of England Primary School children will experience a broad, balanced curriculum with learning styles that interest and enthuse them. We are aiming for high standards and have high expectations for learning, achievement and behaviour for each pupil. We develop every child’s confidence and create an environment in which they feel included, secure and valued. The achievements of all pupils are celebrated.

Everybody is made welcome and we foster good relationships throughout the school. We work in partnership with parents and the local community and we offer a range of high quality extended services. The school promotes healthy lifestyles and care for the environment.

Our Mission Statement is ‘Believe, Succeed and Grow’ and encapsulates the idea that we and the children must have a belief in their ability to achieve in whatever we are asking them to do, while at the same time having high expectation which challenges the children to succeed and acknowledges the growth as part of the pride of achievement in success.

Our Code of Conduct

Together we will:

  1. Be compassionate to everyone
  2. Be trustworthy in all that we do
  3. Be respectful to each other
  4. Be a good friend
  5. Be thankful
  6. Be full of hope