Swimming Timetable

Swimming 2017-18 Season

Generally swimming lessons for each class will be on the same day each week. The class swimming timetable is featured on each week’s newsletter so please check this in case there are any changes to the timetabled swimming day on account of staff commitments or other activities taking place. These sessions are taught by a qualified swimming instructor. However, parent volunteers are required to provide additional supervision so please speak to the school office if you are able to help on any day. Thank you.

Swimming will begin again on Monday 24th April for children in Reception and Years 3 and 4. The other year groups will swim later in the term. Please ensure that your child has a full swimming kit in school on the necessary days until the half term. Boys must have fitted trunks or fitted shorts – not long/baggy shorts and girls need a one piece costume. Swimming hats must be worn by all swimmers. They are available to buy online for £1.50 and then collect from the school office.

We request a £10.00 donation per child with 2nd, 3rd or 4th siblings at a reduced rate of £5.00 each for the term, even if your child is not swimming in the first group. This is payable online in the usual way. If we do not receive these contributions, then we will need to consider the viability of the pool in the future.

Morning (9.30 – 11.30) Afternoon (1.30 – 3.00pm)
Monday EYFS 3/4B
Wednesday EYFS 3/4A
Friday EYFS 3/4D