Our Governors

Governing Body Membership

  • Mrs C Epsom (Chair)
  • Mrs C Adams (Vice Chair)
  • Mr M Carter-Tufnell (Headteacher)
  • Mrs F Reid (Headteacher)
  • Mrs L Levett (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Reverend Sharon Miles
  • Reverend Dom Turner
  • Mrs B Gouge (Safeguarding and Child Protection)
  • Mr K Fisher
  • Mr A Jones
  • Miss M Gildersleeves (Staff)
Full name Position

Nature of Business and Pecuniary Interest or
Personal Relationship

Enhanced DBS
Mrs C Epsom Chair of Governors Son employed at Brakes Catering (London) Yes
Mrs C Adams Vice Chair of Governors Assistant Headteacher at
Manningtree High School
Mr M Carter-Tufnell Ex-Offico- Headteacher Mayflower – First aid training – Owned by family Yes
Mrs F Reid Ex-Offico- Headteacher None Yes
Mrs L Levett Deputy Headteacher None Yes
Rev Sharon Miles Governor None Yes
Rev Dom Turner Governor None Yes
Mrs B Gouge Parent Governor
Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor
Children attend St Osyth Yes
Mr K Fisher Parent Governor Children attend Mistley Norman Yes
Mr A Jones Finance Governor Teacher at Tendring Technical College
Wife is the Headteacher of another school in the trust.
Miss M Gildersleeves Staff Governor Teacher at St Osyth Yes
Mrs T Osben Parent Governor (4/2/2016 – resigned Sep 2017) Children attend St Osyth Yes
Mrs B Westwood Church Governor (resigned summer 2018) None Yes
Mrs D Reed Governor (resigned March 2019) None Yes
Mrs A Hendry Staff Governor (resigned 22nd April 2019) Family electrical business, that supplies goods to the school. Yes
Mrs K Jones Headteacher (resigned 22nd April 2019) None Yes
Miss C Esparon Staff Governor (resigned June 2019) None Yes
Mr D Ashley Headteacher (resigned September 2019) None Yes
Mr N Kricka Staff Governor (resigned 8th November 2019) Teacher at Mistley Norman Yes

St Osyth’s Church of England Primary school is an Academy that is a member of the Vine Trust. The Vine trust was set up by the diocese and is a multi-academy Church of England Trust. Each school within the Trust has a Local Governing Body (LGB).

The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust

The ultimate accountability for St Osyth Church of England Primary School lies with the Board of the Trust.  Through the scheme of delegation most of the responsibilities are delegated to a Local Hub Board appointed by the Trust.

Click here for details of the Vine Schools Trust Board

St Osyth Church of England Primary School is working in a close collaboration with Mistley Norman Church of England Primary School. From September 2018,  the local governance for these two academies is delegated by the Vine Trust to the Local Hub Board.

The purpose of the LGB is to support and challenge the head teacher and his colleagues within the school to provide an excellent education for all pupils, regardless of their background and abilities. As a church school it is vital that this excellence is achieved through a Christian ethos that helps children of all faiths to develop their spirituality. The governors will work with the staff, parents and pupils to develop this ethos so that it is part of the everyday life of the school.

The LGB is made up of parents, staff and co-opted members of the community. All members have to be approved by the Trust and the chair is appointed by the Trust. The governing body meets every half term in the early evening for approximately two hours. The head teacher and staff bring reports to the LGB of progress of the pupils, budget, premises and buildings, personnel matters and other aspects of school life. The LGB scrutinises these reports and verifies them through visits to the school. Policies are discussed and recommendations given for improvement.

All governors volunteer their services and all have to undergo a DBS check.

If you wish to contact the governors about any aspect of school life, please hand in a note to the school office addressed to the Chair of Governors and it will be forwarded to The Chair at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively Our Chair can be emailed via chair@st-osyth.essex.sch.uk. If you have skills that would be helpful to make the governing body more effective similarly, leave a note for The Chair.

Joint LGB Governors and Attendance 2016/2017
Joint LGB Governors and Attendance 2017/2018
St Osyth and Mistley Norman Governors Attendance Record 2018/2019