Learning, Book Talk and a Fun Day Visit

Dear Parents and Carers,
It is wonderful to see the children enjoying their learning. We are always pleased to give them a range of opportunities and this week has been no exception.
Children in 5/6L have started Book Talk which is linked with our English Write Stuff. It concentrates on three zones of reading and encourages children to discuss themes and writing devices within books. The children are very enthusiastic about Book Talk.
“It definitely encourages us to read more. We are reading books that we wouldn’t usually pick up and read.”
“We are learning to read in a different way, discussing together and asking all sorts of questions.”
“When we read, we all have different roles within our groups. I really enjoy Book Talk. It’s really fun.”
Yesterday, some of our year 5 children attended a fun day for higher attaining children. This was a science themed day that included children from four primary schools within our Vine trust. It was an enjoyable time full of opportunity to learn and explore different aspects of science.

Yours faithfully
Mrs Vincent and Mrs Hendry
Senior Leadership Team