Handwriting Policy, Lifebus, Parking and Head Absence

Dear Parents and Carers,

All our children have had the opportunity to visit the life bus. Our different year groups learnt about:

Years 5 and 6 — friends

Years 3 and 4 — Meet the Brain

Years 1 and 2 — My Wonderful Body

Reception — All About Me

I have heard from the children about how much they have enjoyed this experience and all about their learning. You can learn more about the life bus by visiting this website:

Our new handwriting policy is being sent home today. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were introducing a new approach to the teaching and learning of handwriting and this new policy reflects it. The policy will be considered by governors at their next meeting. If you have any comments about it please give them in to the office in a sealed envelope marked ‘Handwriting Policy Feedback’, by November 24th. Thank you.
Please keep our children safe and be considerate to our neighbours. Over the last two weeks some vehicles used for bringing children to school have been parking on the grass verge directly opposite our main entrance and on the yellow lines outside our school. If you do need to drive children to school please ensure that you park in a safe and considerate way.
It is likely that I will not be on site, for most or all of the next two weeks. This is because I have been called to undertake jury service. Sadly I have not been able to defer this jury service until a school holiday. Nevertheless, I know that the school will continue to be run well in my absence because of the team we now have here. I will be in regular contact with colleagues and will be in school if jury service duties allow for this.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Carter-Tufnell