EYRS, Staff and Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope all our families had a Merry Christmas and have had a good start to 2018.

We started 2018 with good news—we’ve won another award! Our Early Years team are pleased to say that they have recently received their ‘Spread the Happiness’ certificate for taking part in just over five weeks of daily challenges. This involved the children learning new songs, dances and outdoor activities, as well as some events involving parents, all with an emphasis on learning through fun. It also means that as a school we are part of the ‘Spread the Happiness’ team and can include the logo on our letters. EYFS will continue to take part in future activities and challenges to ensure that we continue to Spread the Happiness even further. My thanks to the early years team, Miss Esparon, Miss Smith and Mrs Arter, for further improving our provision for children in this way.

We also start the year welcoming new teachers onto our team; Mr Morgan into 3/4F and Mrs Brabben into 1/2 P. Please do introduce yourselves to them if your children are in those classes.

During the next two terms Mrs Hendry, Mrs Tattersall and Mrs Vincent will be acting up and covering aspects of our Deputy Headteacher role. Mrs Vincent and Mrs Hendry join our safeguarding team and Mrs Tattersall will be line managing our Mid Day Assistant team. They will also undertake work in regard to pupil behaviour and safety and other matters. I thank them now for their eagerness and cooperation to undertake these enhanced roles.
Phase newsletters will soon be coming home. They have lots of useful information for parents so please look out for them.
Whilst we are not expecting any bad weather, in the near future, which will necessitate us closing the school I am explaining now what would happen in such a situation so that it’s nice and clear from the start of term. When there is severe weather we always aim to keep the school open. We will keep the school open if it is safe to do so. In regard to safety, we consider staff: child ratios, travel to and from school and onsite issues such as paths and playgrounds. If our risk assessment is that we can not keep the school open then we will inform parents as soon as possible. Technology allowing, we will inform parents via text, email and on our website. If no messages about the school being closed have been sent then please assume the school is open. When the school is open and we have enough snow then children will have the opportunity to play outside with their friends. Children always find these times fun and a great school memory. Obviously, on such days children should wear wellington boots (with school shoes for wearing in the building), hats and gloves.

Mr M Carter-Tufnell