Attendance, Topics, Bikes and Scooters

Dear Parents and Carers,
Our Year 1 and 2 children had a very enjoyable Florence Nightingale and  first aid experience day on Wednesday. This will support their topic based learning and their language development.
Bikes and scooters
We are pleased to have so many children coming to school using peddle bikes and scooters. For safety reasons they must not ride these on the school grounds. Thank you for supporting us in ensuring that all our children and families are safe.


We thank all our parents and carers who support our children having good attendance. National data has recently been released which shows that overall absence in autumn and spring of 2016/17 was high for all pupils (in the highest 10%).  In other words our children were in the bottom 10% of the country for attendance… Last academic year we had 5.5% absence. Nationally it was only 4%. Also last year, we had a persistent absence of 15.7% and nationally it was only 8.7%.  St Osyth C of E Primary has issued the highest number of penalty notices, for any primary school in Essex in the last year. Please ensure that your child has the best possible attendance. We will continue to reward good attendance with weekly class rewards and termly certificates and other rewards for individual children, as well as providing support to families and challenge where attendance is not good.


Mr M Carter-Tufnell