LGB, Visits and Observations.

Dear Parents and Carers,

This has been our first full week back and we have been busy with many things, particularly ‘behind the scenes’ and I share some of these below.

Many of you will know the valuable work our Local Governing Body do in supporting our school and in challenging myself and colleagues to ensure what we do for our children constantly improves. So that our governors can get even better at fulfilling this valuable role they attended training on Monday evening—I now wait with trepidation for even more challenge from them!

Further information about our Local Governing Body can be found on our website:

I warmly encourage any parent wishing to become a governor to arrange a time to talk to me about it.

Also on Monday, we had members of the Essex County Council’s Specialist Teacher Team with us running ‘clinics’ for staff. These give staff an important opportunity to talk about the specific needs of specific children and the best way that we can meet them. We run these clinics on a regular basis. I have been delighted with the feedback I have had this week, and before, from the specialist teachers—they are clear that our provision for the children concerned is strong and keeps improving.
Our congratulations to Mr Carvalho and Miss Smith. They attended a two day paediatric first aid course and passed with flying colours. This sort of ongoing training is all part of the good welfare support we give our children.
Miss Salmon and I spent one day this week this week getting more details about an exciting project we, as a school, will be getting involved with from after next half term. The project is aimed at raising children’s progress and attainment through specific meta-cognition lessons. Metacognition is all about an awareness and understanding one’s own thought processes. The current research shows that this is a very effective way to support children improving their learning. The project we will be involved with is being supported by York University and the Education Endowment Fund. In due course Miss Salmon will be sending further information to parents about this project.
I have spent as much time as possible in classes this week. In so doing I have undertaken short, ‘dip-in’, observations and longer ones. In addition, Mrs Vincent has undertaken some longer observations. Mrs Vincent and I were both encouraged by much of what we saw; children behaving and learning well. We have also used this monitoring and evaluative work to support our planning to improve further how well our children learn.

Mr M Carter-Tufnell